Alex and Shelly saying hello to each other.  (You gotta love his watch)

Alex at Vinny's II Italian Restaurant with The Brooklyn Keys
Brooklyn, New York - 2007
Alex with Jon Rich & Shelly Buchansky  of SilkCity (Acappella group) amusing each other.
Elmo Maisonet and Alex. Last time they were on stage singing together was in 1984.
Elmo was in Alex's group IMAGE
Doreen and Alex
Les Levine, Jon Rich, Shelly Buchansky 
sing together in "SILKCITY" one of my favorite
acappella groups of true street corner harmony.
Les is also with The Del-Vikings & Shelly with
Vito & The Salutations / Five Discs. Shelly is an
original Salutation.
Alex gets approval from No.1 Fan
or Wife Ann (is it his Wife or Fan?)
" Now what was that Les, a 7th up, hold the note
and then a 6 and 7/8ths down, are you joking or what, come on, it was "Come Go With Me"
for crying out loud, not a hat size"
Jimmy on Keyboards
Alex Getting a few pointers:
Alex belting out "Tell Me Why" & working the tables (for tips)..lol