Jay McKnight, Bob Theirer, Tino Alvarez, Alex Augustine, Kim & Norman Fox (Planet Sound Studios-New York City))
Cleo Williams, Rod Peterson, Jimmy Keyes, Alex Augustine, Jimmy Russo at the Electric Circus,NYC
Jimmy Keyes, Ronni 'I' Italiano, Rod, Artie Crier, 
Carl Spencer, Alex, Jimmy R, Cleo (kneeling)
IMAGE: Alex, Jimmy Russo, George Scott, Ted Arnold
Bayonne , New Jersey
IMAGE: Alex, Tino, Warren Tesoro, David Martinez
DATE: A long, long time ago
Brooklyn, New York.
Alex                                          Alex & Jimmy Russo
Cathy, Phil, Nick Cardell, Alex at Westbury Music Fair Concert, Long Island, NY
Nick recorded under Nick Cardell for Liberty Records
Jimmy Keyes & His CHORDS
Alex & David Smoren, Esq.
My Doowop Attorney from
queens, New York
MY PALS at a Doowop Party
Rocky Cicirello (IMAGE), Bob Kretzschmar (STARLIGHT Records/Discs)
The Originals: Jimmy Moschello, Alex Augustine,
Frank Ramos, Frank Tardogna . Jimmy, Frank T are
original Elegants.
Plant City Florida - 2010
Alex Augustine   Jimmy Gallagher   George Galfo   Joe Neary
                             (Passions)                    (Mystics)
Alex w/ The George Galfo Mystics: Joe, Anthony, Alex, George - Photos by: Manny Galfo
Alex along with John Bishop and Jim Faluca of The Expressions belting out a tune with other club members.
POOL SIDE- Alex belting out a tune during a pool side
skit while George Galfo and Anthony have front row seats.
Alex Augustine & Tony Gutierrez at the DOOWOP SINGERS CLUB. Tony was a member of the Soul Group "2 SMOOTH" for
several years
Left to right: Eddie Schelhorn, 
Rocky Cicirello, Jose Cosme, Alex Augustine
The Red Rose Inn
(below) DWSC- Shelly Buchansky, Larry Chance, Alex Augustine,Vic Donna
I have to watch my pockets, Larry's hands are frisky, Vic has my back pocket covered.
New Jersey - 2011
DWSingers Club- John Bishop, Stu Pushkin,       Alex Augustine and  Mike Mastrolia.

Staten Island -  August 2012
SHELLY                WARREN             ALEX
Photo BY: J. Bishop   Owner: T. Carbone
Where's Rocky, Les, Tony & Shelly W. ?