The Charts - In Concert at the Beacon Theater New York City 1985. left to right : Mickey Collier, Jim Moschello, Alex Augustine and Joe Grier the
original lead singer of the Charts (Deserie)
Original Elegants -Frank Tardogno & Jimmy Moschello With TV Talk Show Host Joe Franklin at the Greene Street Cafe in New York City. Left to Right: Frank Tardogno, Joe Franklin, Alex Augustine, Jimmy Moschello-1988.
(Recorded for Starlight Records under The Originals)
Original IMAGE - 1980-1982 - Left to right:
Alex Augustine, Ted Arnold, Jimmy Russo and George Scott.
Norman Fox and The Rob-Roys with Kim Fox.
Left to right: Norman Fox, Tino Alverez, Kim Fox, 
Robert Thierer, Les Levine, Alex Augustine.
Norman Fox and The Rob-Roys - At a Private affair 1990 New York City.
Left to Right: Stuart Morgan, Alex Augustine, Robert thierer, Leon Mclain
and Norman Fox.
Letters of Appreciation From Atlantic City Casinos
The Originals - left to right: Frank Tardogno, Frank Ramos, Jimmy Moschello and Alex Augustine
(Frank and Jimmy are original members of 
The Elegants) Frank was Lead on "True Love Affair", "Dressing Up" and "A Dream Can Come True" for The Elegants on APT and PHOTO Records. They Re-corded
these last two songs for Starlight Records.
Radio personality Don K. Reed and Alex at radio Station WCBS-FM in New York City. Alex not only was a guest being interviewed by Don on his Radio show "Don K. Reeds
Doo Wop Shop" but was also there other times with The Originals and Norman Fox and The Rob-Roys.
Alex has often supplied Music material for Don's Sunday
night show with his rare record collection.   

Alex appeared with Joe Grier and Charts in a Salute To
 Don K. Reed at the Beacon Theater in 1985.
(see poster at right)

Original poster of the 1992 WCBS-FM'S 20th
Anniversary show at Radio City Music Hall


A Rock 'N Roll Concert at the Union County Arts Center, NJ 

A Poster of the 1993 "Brooklyn's First Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame" show that was held at the original theater site.
The lobby is pretty much the same as Alex remembered when going there to see Rock 'n' Roll shows and Movies
during the 60's.

L-R : Tino, Alex, Kim, Norman, Bob, BJ at the Parkchester reunion. (see also Miscellaneous-photos)
Johnny Maestro and Alex Augustine
Beach Channel HS Queens, NY
Alex ?................ Gene ?
Eugene Pitt used to rehearse with Casey Spencer and B. Best (Jive Five) down where Alex lived on St Johns Place, Brooklyn in 1978 - 1979 as did Clarence Quick, Bill Blakey ( The Del-Vikings) where Alex use to do a few tunes with them.
("yeah.....those where the days",
Alex recalls).

L-R: Willie Winfield -Harptones, Joe "Speedo" Frazier -Impalas, Eugene Tompkins - Limelighters with Alex at the Parkchester reunion.
No they didn't perform Beleive it or not THEY were
fans that evening enjoying a night of doowop.
At Ronnie I's  UGHA - NJ
Mexico courtesy of Alden Records. By IMAGE
Alex with original TV BATMAN star Adam West
at an Atlantic City TV stars show. Other stars Alex met and performed for that night: 
Bob Denver & Dawn Wells (Gilligan's Island)
Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), Burt Ward (Robin-Batman's sidekick), Jerry Mathers The 
Beaver (Leave it to Beaver) and one of Alex's
all time favorite, Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger).
Note: I remember Adam West telling me, after he heard some acappella we did, "amazing no music"
he was impressed with acappella.
Harry G (Promoter) and Alex 
Beach Channel HS Queens, NY
Harry G (Promoter) and Alex 
Beach Channel HS Queens, NY
The late Clarence Quick was the original Bassman and writer of such hits: "Come Go With Me" & "Whispering Bells". William Blakley was  on the Mercury recordings.
IMAGE at a recording session for Starlight Discs
at the BMG studios (the former RCA studios) in 
New York City.
left to right: Andre Garnes (Sherman Garnes* of 
Frankie Lymon & Teenagers younger Brother)
Alex Augustine, Jose Moro, Tino Alvarez and 
in the background, hidden Cal Eg.
This session Produced "All Mine" & "So Much".
both songs were done acappella style.
The Del-Vikings -L-R: William Blakely, Lou Velez, Alex, Clarence Quick
Jerry Williams, Arthur "Kookie" Martinez (Madison Sq Garden's Felt Forum)
NOTE: in early 2006 Jimmy Moschello is back singing with Vito Picone and The Elegants.
This was the Third Image group from 1983-1984
which consisted of Alex, Tino, Andre and Elmo Maisonet.

*For those who are not aware, Sherman Garnes
was the Original Bassman for Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers.
NOTE: There were many members  in
IMAGE through out the years.
The original members who formed
the group were:
Alex Augustine
George Scott
Ted Arnold 
Rilley Vicente
All Mine & Over The Rainbow
on Clifton was released in
July 25th of 1981. Most reference
books including a Clifton CD Album has it 1982.
The Music Tracks were done on  12/80
The Vocal Tracks 2/81, relased July 25th, 1981 and on the night we performed at a 
Ronnie I's UGHA SHOW.
I would like to give credit for Bass Vocals on Over The Rainbow to
John "Bull" Zielinski  (Original member of 
Patty and The Street-Tones) 

ALL MINE-(1993) - Acappella from Starlight session
courtesy of Starlight Discs.
Lead: Alex Augustine, Bass: Andre Garnes, Baritone: Cal Eg, Second Tenor: Jose Moro,
First Tenor: Nelson "Tino" Alvarez.
ALL MINE -(1981) - courtesy of Clifton Records.
Lead: Alex Augustine, Baritone: Ted Arnold, Second Tenor: George Scott, First Tenor: Reiley (Raoul) Fuentes.
SKYLARKS-1964 . One of my early groups. 
Top Row: Roberto, Juan, Alex (that's me)
Bot Row: Pedro (Pete), Tony. I'm not sure where but this was on Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York, our neighborhood. I think somewhere along here was Al Bronwe's studio. He recorded with his band was on a lot of the early doowop recordings, The Crests for one.

Don's Favorite Rob-Roy Record isDance Girl Dance.
At Right: A 2000 Rock 'N Roll  & R/B Concert Alex Appeared in along with The Legendary
Joe Cuba and His Band.

Above: The Lar-Kings and Alex at the 1998 
Rock 'N' Roll Concert in New York City. 
L to R: Nelson 'Tino' Alvarez, Les Livine, Alex Augustine, Gil Torres, Warren Tesoro, Jose Moro.
So Much-(1993) - Acappella from Starlight session
courtesy of Starlight Discs.
Lead: Tino Alvarez, Bass: Andre Garnes, Baritone: Cal Eg, Second Tenor: Jose Moro,
First Tenor: Alex Augustine.
IMAGE - 1982-1983 (Second Image Group)
Botom Row: David Martinez, Alex Augustine, Tino Alvarez. Top: Bobby Soto.
David, Bobby and Tino were Members of Dino & The Heart Spinners.
They along with Dino recorded an LP for Starlight Records.
 When They weren't singing with The Heartspinners
They were with Alex in IMAGE. Note the Heartspinners Jackets David & Tino are wearing.
Here is "A DREAM CAN COME TRUE" by The Originals on Starlight
Frank Tardogna.........Lead
Alex Augustine.........First Tenor
Jimmy Moschello......Second Tenor
Frank Ramos............Bass/Baritone
Norman Fox and The Rob-Roys - 2014 at a Foxwoods Resort / Casino in a
Connecticut Concert. This set of Rob-Roys with Norman has not sung together in about 22 years. L/R: Tino Alvarez, Les Levine, Norman Fox, Alex Augustine.
(Les and I filled in for the evening)  Also performing The Chantels, Lenny Dell & Dimensions, The Clovers & Terry Johnson & The Flamingos. Photo By: Terry Johnson.

A 1998 Rock 'N Roll Concert Alex Appeared in. 
Top Row: The Tymes, The Bobbettes
Middle Row:   The Richard Blandon Dubs, Alex Augustine, Bobby Jay, TheFantastics, Bottom Row,The Larkings and Equal.