Jimmy Keyes and The Chords - ("Sh-Boom") at the famed Electric Circus in  NYC. 
Left to right: Cleo Williams, Rod Peterson, Jimmy Russo, Jimmy Keyes, Alex Augustine.
A little clowning on stage
Shirley Alston Reeves- original lead singer of The Shirelles at the Parkchester Concert.
 Adam Jackson Original Tenor lead of The Jesters with Alex at a Julia Richmond Complex Concert New York City 1992. 
The great LaVern Baker
at.the first annual Brooklyn Rock 'n' Roll
Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony held at the old Brooklyn Paramount Theater  which they were *inducted and received awards- 1993           (*Alex  along with Norman & Rob-Roys)
Joe Villa Lead of The Three Friends -  ("Blanche") Left to right : Joe Villa, Alex Augustine, Norman Fox at a Westbury Music Fair Concert.
Joe Villa was also a member of the Royalteens
 in 1958 who recorded "Short Shorts" along with Bob Gaudio who was also a member and  then went on to become an original member of the Four Seasons.
Left to right: Frank Mancuso- The Imaginations, Shelly Buchansky- Vito &
The Salutations / Five Discs, Jimmy Gallagher-The Passions, Alex Augustine- The Rob-Roys / Image, Tony Passalaqua- The Facinators.     New Jersey - 1998.
Alex and radio personality Mickey B at a Beach Channel High School         Concert  Queens, NY

Old Friends, Nick Cardell * and Cathy Jean** take time out to visit Alex, Norman Fox and Rob-Roys doing Mickey B's radio show. (Stewart Morgan, Bob thierer in background). 
Norman Fox and The Rob-Roys Rehearsing for Mickey B's Radio show. Left to Right: Norman Fox, Stuart Morgan, Robert Thierer, Leon Mclain, Alex Augustine
Norman Fox and The Rob-Roys and Frankie Lymon's Teenagers at the
Glen Island Casino Concert .      
Left to Right: Tino Alvarez, Norman  Fox, Bob Thierer, Lewis Lymon, Herman Santiago, Jay McKnight, Alex Augustine, Jimmy Merchant.
Glen Island Casino Concert. Left to Right: Bob Thierer, Willie Winfield of The Harptones, Norman Fox, Alex's Lovley Wife Ann, Kim Fox, Alex Augustine, and of The Dubs Clevland Stills and Bernard (BJ) Jones. 

Cousin Brucie Interviewing Alex back stage in 1992 at Radio City Music Hall during WCBS-FM's 20th  Anniversary Concert which was broadcast live Simultaneously on WCBS-FM.

A write up in The New York Daily News by Columist David Hinkley -1992.
The atricle, at that time, was about a tribute to the Late Richard Blandon original lead singer of the Dubs.
Other Acts on the show besides the Rob-Roys were: the Harptones, Jesters,
Paragons, Dubs, Velours and Baby Washington held at Julia Richmond Complex in New York City.

* Nick Cardell recorded for
Liberty Records and was 
also with The Four-Fifths
The original Tymes -("So Much In Love") with Alex at a Julia Richmond Complex Concert - New York City, 1998.
Left to Right: Lafayette Gamble, Norman Burnett,  Alex, Al Berry, Donald Banks.
** Cathy Jean                  of The Roommates
("Please Love Me Forever")
A Lover's Plea*
Wish She Was Mine*
* courtesy Of Alden Records
   Songs By IMAGE
(Lead: Alex Augustine)
Photo Left: L-R: 
Unknown name, Jimmy Keyes, Jimmy Russo, Carl Spencer, Rod Peterson,
Cleo Williams, Arthur Crier and Alex Augustine.   Artie Crier was an original member of Lillian Leach & The Mellows &  The Hallos and writer of "NAG"
and was also the Bassman on "Pretty Little Angel Eyes" by Curtis Lee.

Carl Spencer and Artie Crier were good Friends and were in many 
groups together including a duet they did on the flip side of "NAG"
called "COPY CAT".
Carl was the touring Bassman for Curtis Lee.
Carl recorded "Farewell, Farewell, Farewell" for Candlelight records
and was backed up by The Mellows with Artie Crier.
 In 1991, Norman Fox, Robert Thierer, Alex Augustine & Leon McLain
appeared on a TV show Hosted by Eugene Tompkins & Artie Crier
called "Doo-Wop Is Alive.
Alex & Shelly Buchansky at La Barca Restaurant New York City -1987 (See Photos 3 for Alex/shelly in 2007)
Photo Left- Left to Right: Alex with Original Classics 2nd tenor  John Gambale 
Emil Stuchio - Original Lead. La Barca Restaurant New York City - 1987
Emil & John lived a few blocks of Alex and Original 1st tenor Tony Victor around the corner, Jimmy Gallagher (Passions) lived one area down.
Alex & John along with others were at a party.
The Classics
Tino Alvarez, Alex Augustine, Norman Fox, Bob Therier, Jay McKnight
Jay was with Little Nate & Chryslers and recorded
Someone up there - Johnson Records, 1959.
Before The Chryslers Nate Bouknight was the 
lead of the Shells "Baby Oh Baby" in 1957 also
on Johnson Records.
One of Cousin Brucie's Favorite Rob-Roy  Record is Pizza Pie.
Rob-Roys With Mickey B: 2nd from left
Bob  Mickey  Alex   
Norman        Stewart